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Loving Cloth Diapers October 30, 2007

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I should confess… I’ve gone a little cloth diaper crazy!  Who would of thought that a totally satisfied disposable-loving mom could convert to cloth diapers so quickly and so easily?  We’ve been using them for about three weeks.  It’s definitely not inconvenient.  I actually kinda enjoy washing the diapers.  Not the yucky part – mind you, but my machine does that part for me.  It’s fun to fold the clean diapers, to appreciate all the cute colors I chose, and to feel so good about this choice for the environment, my baby, and our pocket book. 

Not surprisingly, I couldn’t rest at simply purchasing cloth for my baby.  I had to start selling cloth diapers too!  Well, it does fit so perfectly with our focus on “Fashion for the Green Mama”.  Nothing’s more green than switching to cloth diapers!  I don’t know about you, but when I’ve looked into cloth before I became totally overwhelmed by all the choices, terms, and details.  To help make cloth diaper converts, we’ve focused on keeping it simple at  We offer one diaper, explaining the reasons why I chose it, and offer washing instructions specific to this diaper.  There’s a short list of what you need to get started and summarized info on why anyone would switch. 

If you’re curious, take a look at our Cloth Diaper page: I’d love to answer your questions or hear about your own experiences with going to cloth!


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