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Common Hospital Practices are Counterproductive October 25, 2007

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I was so happy to see this column in the October/November issue of Fit Pregnancy, “For low-risk women, common hospital practices such as labor induction do not improve health outcomes for mothers or babies and often cause harm.  Electronic fetal monitoring, nonemergency Cesarean sections, routine use of IV fluids, amniotomy (breaking the bag of waters), withholding food and water and episiotomy were all found to have adverse effects on mother, baby or both.  The study, “Evidence Basis for the Ten Steps to Mother-Friendly Care,” found that inducing labor increases fetal distress and that babies born after elective inductions are more likely to require admission to a neonatal intensive care unit. To avoid these problems, the researchers recommend midwifery care for low-risk women. – Erica Jorgensen The Journal of Perinatal Education.”   

Granted there is a place for most of these common hospital practices.  The point is that you should push for a natural birth, delaying interventions such as induction or Cesarean until they are absolutely necessary, as this is what’s best for you and for baby.  It is sad, but true that sometimes caregivers are more interested in their convenience then your best outcome – doctors and nurses are only human.  Be your own advocate for a safe, healthy birth!


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