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Fashion Sneak-peak October 22, 2007

Filed under: Fashion & Fun — Rachel @ 7:04 pm

Wow, we have been so busy lately!  In part, that’s because last weekend was fashion market.  Market is fun, but exhausting!  My mother and I do the buying for our family business.  Last weekend we travelled to Atlanta to see designer collections for maternity, nursing, and baby.  The collections were for spring/summer 2008 and will start arriving as early as January!  So… I thought you might want to know what’ll be new and hot next spring!!!

First of all, prints – prints – prints!  Designers were heavily influenced by 80’s style, so prints were in an abundance.  You’ve got your loud prints and your soft prints, but you MUST HAVE PRINTS!  Personally, I’m thrilled to see their return.  I love how a good print will express your personality and set the “tone” for your day.  It’s fun 🙂

Also, tunics and leggings!  They’re not going anywhere ladies!  If you haven’t tried a pair on yet (and I haven’t), I think it’s about time…. Or at least it will be time come next spring when the weather warms up and I’m sick and tired of wearing jeans and cords.  I’m starting to see myself in leggings someday, much to my husband’s dismay.  But what does he know about fashion!

And finally, it’s all about dresses!  We couldn’t see a collection without finding another dress we just had to have.  Some designers seemed to be showing more dresses than tops.  As a mom, it’s easy to see the dress as something to wear on a date or for church.  Let’s kick it up a notch and try dresses for casual-wear, next spring.  You have to admit it’ll make you feel pretty!

So, what do you think of this little sneak-peak?  And, can you see yourself in leggings next year?!!! 



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