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Over or Under-the-Belly? September 11, 2007

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What’s the deal with over-the-belly maternity pants, ie. pants with “panels”, verses under-the-belly styles?  If you go shopping with your mother, she probably looks at the under-the-belly styles with some scepticism.  But, if you’re a first time maternity shopper,  you think, “Great, these look more like normal pants!”  Which style is best?  Truth be told, this is a hard one!  Some women swear by panels, others treat them with revulsion.  I think they both have their pros and cons. 



  • Keeps pants up as long as it rides over the largest part of the belly
  • Very comfortable when sitting down
  • Fits longer if you tend to gain weight in your hips
  • Creates a sleek fit, holding everything in like a body-shaper


  • You’ll see the panel under very light-colored or thin tops
  • If you’re tummy becomes very large, you could grow out of the panel
  • If the panel is short (ie a half panel), it may not stay up at all in your last few months
  • Gets hot in warm weather



  • Well-designed waistbands don’t even look maternity, so you don’t have to cover the band and you can wear them post-partum too!
  • Fits longer if you tend to gain weight in the belly
  • Avoids adding an extra layer of clothing


  • Can be uncomfortable if you carry your baby very low or when sitting down
  • If you’re thicker through the middle, can create a “bulgy” look
  • Tends to fall down when you’re active or bending/squatting

If you’re pregnant for the first time, start off by choosing one of each style.  Wear them sitting, exercising, playing etc. and figure out what works best for you!


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