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Fun, Inspirational Read for “Labor Day” September 4, 2007

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Let’s face it, many of you are pretty nervous about “labor day” – you know the one when you have to push that baby OUT!!!  It’s coming, it’s inevitable, so why not try to get psyched up with a “can do” attitude?  People love to share horror stories about births, but that’s really counter-productive.  Instead, you should try to nurture a positive attitude about your ability to give birth successfully.  After all, studies have shown that any fear you bring to your labor will make it that much harder.  Hormones produced by fear actually cause your body to tense up, making it difficult to dilate naturally.  Focus on the fact that your body is designed to give birth – you can do this! 

I love how most pregnancy magazines have a birth story column that shares birth experiences with regular, happy outcomes.  Along the same lines, I think all pregnant women in need of a labor “boost” should read Peggy Vincent’s “Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife.”  This fun, lighthearted book is chock-full with Peggy’s experiences delivering babies in Berkeley, California, including 40 birth stores from a wide-range of diverse, interesting women.  It’s the perfect prelude to your own labor, sure to leave you with realistic expectations for your own birth and some inspiration too.  If they can do it, so can you! 


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