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Underwire Nursing Bras? August 7, 2007

Filed under: Breastfeeding — Rachel @ 5:38 pm

Women with larger breasts tend to wear underwire bras for their superior support and shaping properties.  But when it comes time to buy a nursing bra, I find that these same women are TERRIFIED of underwire.  After all, they’ve read and they’ve read about breastfeeding and about how underwire can clog milk ducts; so they sadly, but bravely, set out to outfit their larger-than-ever lactating breasts without underwire. 

Ladies, if you have larger breasts please do try an underwire nursing bra – one designed for breastfeeding!  I have yet to meet someone who developed problems from underwire in a nursing bra.  It’s those ladies who can’t put away their favorite Victoria’s Secret push-up bra that find themselves with clogged ducts.  Underwire bras designed for breastfeeding feature extra padding at the wires and wider cups that allow for proper milk flow.  Many are approved by lactation consultants too!

As a D/E cup myself, I can’t imagine life without underwire!  I’ve nursed both my children with not a single clogged duct.  So, say “hello” to underwire and “goodbye” to saggy boobs!


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