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Mama, Keep on Learnin! July 9, 2007

Filed under: Family Culture — Rachel @ 6:34 pm

I’ve yet to meet a mom who’s easily able to keep up with all there is to know about parenting.  Though many of us binge on information during pregnancy, we often find ourselves too busy once baby comes to keep on hitting the books.  Since good parenting actually gets more complex, not less, as our babies grow – this doesn’t work out so well!  Weather you’re pregnant for the first time or nursing your fifth child, I’m convinced that you’ll find the email newsletters from quite helpful.  When you subscribe, you enter information regarding your baby(s) due date/birth dates.  Then, you’ll get stage-based email newsletters appropriate for each child’s development.  When you’re pregnant, you’ll get an email once a week with info about how your baby is growing and how your body is changing.  After the little one grows up, emails will come every 2-3 weeks, keeping you informed on milestones, products, and challenges appropriate for your toddler or preschooler.  I’ve found the service quite helpful!  No matter how busy I am, I can find the time to read a short email every-so-often, and when I want more information there are often links to complete articles!  Check it out here: 


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  1. Josephine Says:

    Another site which features outstanding newsletters and development information. This is also the parent site for

  2. Josephine Says:

    Oops, shouldn’t type and take a phone call at the same time. I meant to drop the domain of

    BTW, great site. We love to shop your site.


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