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Belly Bands? June 26, 2007

Filed under: Pregnancy — Rachel @ 1:19 pm

Belly Bands are all the rage it seems.  You can buy them in just about any store that sells maternity wear – stretchy, wide elastic bands meant to be worn over your normal jeans, skirts, etc. so that you can get a bit more use out of them before buying maternity clothes.  

Given the popularity of the product, it must work well for some, but to me it seems more of a gimick than a solution.  Even manufacturers of Belly Bands admit that you will need to buy true maternity clothes eventually.  Why buy an intermediate product, that’s often more trouble than it’s worth, when you’re going to have to buy the final product no matter what?  I’ve noticed that wearers often complain of having to adjust the position of their belly band every time they get up, since it tends to ride up.  Another common complaint is that the belly band may fail to hold up your clothes, especially if you’re wearing it with half-open jeans or another heavy fabric.  You may be pulling up your jeans/belly band combination all day long! 

You’ll be more comfortable and feel more put-together in true maternity clothes.  If money is tight, consider a Belly Band a good investment only if it will allow you to skip a whole season of maternity clothes.  For example, maybe you’re growing out of your normal bottoms in late August.  A Belly Band will help you morph your summer shorts and skirts into maternity wear so that you can make it through those last hot weeks.  Once the weather cools down, don’t bother with the band!  You’ll be buying maternity jeans and pants anyways, so get them now and get as much use out of them as possible!

 If, on the other hand, you’ve loved your Belly Band, please let us know!  One person’s gimick may be another person’s solution.  Please share your thoughts!


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