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Bra-Fitting Techniques June 25, 2007

Filed under: Breastfeeding — Rachel @ 6:58 pm

Getting the right fit on your nursing bra is imperative!  A good fit will help prevent clogged ducts and make you look better too.  Here are some tips.

It is very important that your band fits snugly.  One of the most common mistakes is choosing a band size that is too large.  A bra should not fit “comfortably” loose.  The band is the anchor that allows the bra to do its job in lifting and shaping the breasts.  If your band rides up in the back, it is too large.  Your bra should be level from front to back.  Wearing the proper band size causes the band to lie lower on the back, often eliminating “back fat”.  Also, if your straps are falling down, even after being tightened, this can be an indication that your band is too large.  When you buy a bra, choose a band size that fits snug on the loosest hook, if you’re pregnant, and on the 2nd to loosest hook, if you’re nursing.  Since bra bands loose elasticity as worn, this will allow you to tighten the band down the road.  Here are some rib measurement guides for choosing the proper band size:  27″-29″ is a 32 band.  29″-32″ is a 34 band.  33″-34″ is a 36 band.  35″-39″ is a 38 band.  39″-41″ is a 40 band.  42″-43″ is a 42 band.  44″-45″ is a 44 band.

Getting your cup size right can be tricky too.  If your breasts buldge or spill out of the cups, you need a larger cup.  If cups are puckering or gapping you need a smaller cup.  If you’re bra straps are digging in even after properly adjusting the straps, you probably need a larger cup size.  Also keep in mind that the center section between the cups should lie fairly close to the chest.  If that center section is pushed away from the body, the cup size is too small – the breasts are pushing the bra away.   Since breasts are often different in size, do fit your bra according to your larger breast.  Unfortunately, there is no effective measurement technique for correctly measuring a cup size.  Guestimate from your personal history and be prepared to make some exchanges!  The best strategy may be to order several sizes so that you can compare different fits in the comfort of your home.  The extra time is worth a perfect, flattering fit!



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