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Baby Carriers – What’s right for me? June 14, 2007

Filed under: Baby & Toddler — Rachel @ 6:49 pm

I’m often asked by pregnant moms about baby carriers.  There are so very many on the market in every category, from slings to front carriers, from backpacks to mei-tais!  Choosing the right carrier will depend on your personality and desired use.  If you plan to “wear” your baby as often as possible, a sling is ideal for the newborn stage.  You may continue to use a sling as your baby grows, but most parents will benefit from transitioning to a back carrier around 4-6 months, since they are more ergonomic, allowing for long-term carrying without body fatigue.  If you plan to use the carrier only occasionally – when a stroller isn’t an option, or when your baby wants to be held, but you’re trying to vacuum –  it may make more sense to choose an affordable option and one designed for an older baby (newborns sleep so much that they don’t “ask” to be carried very long – skip the sling).  Some good options may be a front pack carrier: the Bjorn is good, the Okkatots is better, and the CLENE is ideal for active parents.  My favorite all-around carrier is the Beco, because it can be used to carry baby in the traditional “sling” cradle, but makes for an amazingly comfortable front or backpack carrier (plus, who can resist those fabric choices!).  For detailed info on the whole world of carriers, check out this excellent resource: .  This is a great site for researching products and chatting with other baby-wearing moms!


One Response to “Baby Carriers – What’s right for me?”

  1. cubicleinclaremont Says:

    This is a great website to visit…the wide variety of options out there for baby carriers often means unneeded confusion for the parents. I would have to say that getting something that will also work in crowded environments like airports as well as in the home is very beneficial for those with newborns who need that constant closeness and attention.

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