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3 Months Pregnant – Fit Advice May 24, 2007

Filed under: Pregnancy — Rachel @ 1:22 pm


I am just 3 months pregnant, and the jeans I have purchased are a little large. Should I exchange them for the smaller size or am I likely to grow into them before long?


Thanks for writing.  At 3 months pregnant, you really haven’t hit your growth surge yet, which will occur sometime between 4.5 – 6 months, depending if this is your first or a subsequent pregnancy.  Most women go up a whole size from the first trimester to the last, so I can almost guarantee that the jeans will fit you by your last 3 months and during part of your 2nd trimester, as long as they are not 2 sizes too big right now.  You can expect to grow in the waist, hips, and bottom, as a matter of course.

It is entirely up to you weather you’d like to return them now or hold on to them.  Keeping in mind that most of your growth is to come and that cool maternity jeans are so hard to find, I’d recommend that you keep them.  Personally, I’ve just had to buy a new pair of maternity jeans in my 6th month because I bought my first pair to fit me in my 4th month and now they’re too small.  I’ve only gained a little less than the recommended weight, so excess weight gain was not the issue.  However, this is my second pregnancy, so I started showing sooner. 
Best of luck in making your decision!






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