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What maternity styles can be worn post-pregnancy? May 15, 2007

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As it turns out, I just had my second child three months ago – so I’m really living out deciding which maternity clothes I can keep wearing and which ones I have to pack away.   

Styles that lend themselves to post-pregnancy wear:

Empire waist dresses in stretchy fabrics bounce back from fitting your full-term belly to their original slim shape.  Post-partum they fit your new figure, but don’t cling at the belly – very flattering! 

Pants made in stretchy fabrics without a visible maternity panel can fit perfectly before, during, and after your pregnancy.  Look for styles where the under-belly band has been covered in the same fabric as the rest of the pant.   Jeans with a very high percentage of spandex and made without a maternity panel can have the same effect.

One-size tees made in stretch cotton fabrics often wear well post-pregnancy.  Look for styles that look like a regular sized tee-shirt when off the body.  During pregnancy, these super-stretchy tees will go full-term.  Then, post-partum they fit smoothly and close to body, without clinging at the tummy.  The extra length is perfect for layering!  Short-sleeved styles from 2 Chix and Maternal America’s ribbed tees are great examples. 

Any wrap style top or dress will almost certainly fit well post-pregnancy.  The wrap construction allows the garment to adjust to your current shape.  As always, stretchy fabrics are more likely to fit slim against your new silhouette.  However, even non-stretchy fabrics can work post-partum with spring’s trend towards full, loose fitting blouses. 

Also, there are a handful of non-maternity designers whose collections are sold for maternity, because the styles adapt well.  For example, at, we choose pieces from Ella Moss’ collection.  Ella Moss tends to use empire waists and loose fitting bodices in her designs.  As such, they work well for maternity.  However, since they’re not made for maternity, they’ll be quite stylish for post-partum too!

Styles that don’t work post-pregnancy:

Tops and dresses without stretch, such as button-up cotton blouses, will not work post-partum because they retain their large shape.  In fact, such tops will also not fit right early in the pregnancy, when they’ll be too large.

Pants and jeans with a maternity waistband in a contrasting color scream maternity.  You can’t get away with showing an obvious maternity waistband (though you can wear those maternity jeans with a long top post-pregnancy while you’re waiting to fit into your old favorites).

Pants or skirts with roll waistbands may not work post-partum.  This type of waistband fits comfortably during your pregnancy, but once you lose the belly, a roll waistband often falls down, since it has nothing to cling too.  Even worn rolled down, a roll waistband is often too big post-partum.

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