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I’m at 22 weeks — Is it too early to order nursing bras for later? Also, how do I choose a size? May 14, 2007

Filed under: Breastfeeding — Rachel @ 6:02 pm

This is a common concern!  You said that your pre-pregnancy size was a 34B.  At 22 weeks you’ve probably gotten bigger than your original pre-pregnancy size (mabye a 34/36 C), but you may get even a little bit bigger by the end of your pregnancy (probably a 36 C/D).  However, it is not to early to get a nursing bra, and here’s why – you’ll need bras in both sizes while you’re nursing. 
 After you give birth, your breasts will become engorged for 2-4 days, at which point they’re likely to become one full cup size larger than you are at the end of your pregnancy (probably a 36D).  Because engorgement is so temporary, you don’t want to buy a bra for that stage.  Just make sure you have one that is stretchy, such as the Bravado original nursing bra, or the bras by Majamas or Japanese Weekend (shop bras at our store  
Once engorgement subsides, you’ll probably be back to the size you ended your pregnancy at (maybe 36 C).  However, in 4-8 more weeks,  you’ll be back at the in-between stage (about 34 C), that is at the stage you are now.  If you buy bras now (which you probably need) you’ll get lots of use out of them while you’re nursing. 
  As far as when you’ll return to a 34B, that’s hard to say.  Some women stay larger the entire time they’re nursing, and even after they wean!  Others, go back down to their prepregnancy size after nursing for 2-4 months.
 I hope this is more helpful than confusing.  Basically, I recommend that you buy a couple of bras that fit you now.  It is very, very likely that you will use them during some point while breastfeeding.  At the end of your pregnancy, buy a stretchy bra like the Bravado original nursing bra.  It will take you through engorgement, plus fit those first 4-8 weeks.  Once your breast size seems to have stabalized at 1-3 months postpartum, you can really stock up on nursing bras!


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